About #SketchTheDocs

#SketchTheDocs is about bringing visual storytelling and literacy skills to technical writing, technology documentation and related communication modalities for developers and their audiences.

Humans communicate and learn in multiple ways:

In general, most of us will use more than one of these approaches, combining them in context for maximum value. Articles like this one suggest that nearly 65% of users are visual learners who absorb information from visual cues, vocabulary and imagery.

With visual storytelling I want to focus on a journey that takes us from basic skills to advanced concepts for communicating complex ideas. This includes:

Watch the repo to get updates on new resources, talks, events and articles to help you progress in your own visual storytelling journeys.


Date Title Event Links
May 2020 Chalk The Talk: How sketchnoting makes you a better public speaker Lets Sketch Tech 2020 slides / video
May 2020 Sketchnoting 101: Getting started with visual storytelling Microsoft Build 2020 slides / video
Nov 2020 SketchTheDocs: Visual Storytelling For Developers Droidcon Americas 2020 slides / video



  1. The Doodle Revolution
  2. Visual Thinking: Empowering People and Organisations through Visual Collaboration
  3. Visual Doing: A Practical Guide to Incorporate Visual Thinking into Your Daily Business and Communication
  4. How to make hand-drawn maps


  1. Lets Sketch Tech Conference Videos