Hello, World! It's A-B-See!


Welcome to the #ABSee’s home on the Interwebs, a place where you can find all the visual game clues, watch episodes where they were featured, try to solve them yourself - and then explore resources to learn more about that topic if interested!

What is AB-See?

AB-See is a visual puzzle game meant to test your tech IQ in a fun way that may also help you remember and recall the relevant concept or product later. It airs as a live, interactive segment on Hello World every Thursday at 1:30pm EST on Learn TV.

How It Works: I draw a concept or product in 30 seconds. Guests have to guess what it is given the hints in the image.

Check out the About page for more details on the project and its' origins. In this post though I want to talk about why I created the page and how you can benefit the most from it.

Why A-B-See?

A-B-See is one element of my broader initiative around bringing visual storytelling to technology, both as a learning tool and as a communication skill.

A common statistic indicates 65% of us are visual learners. That means we absorb information more easily from illustrated content than from text alone. And, we are also more likely to retain, and recall, it later.

Another statistic tells us that a third of us may also be visual-spatial learners. We don’t just learn from visual information, we think in images. This group of learners are likely to want to see “the big picture” (all the elements laid out in space) before diving into details, so they can connect the dots better.

We all know that for technology understanding, the first point of entry is always the documentation sites. So I asked myself:

How can we make technical documentation and learning content more friendly to visual and visual-spatial learners?

With A-B-See, one of my goals is to create a kind of visual glossary through these interactive games. Understanding core concepts (and terminology) is critical to knowing how to use and apply them in practice.

And with hundreds of products in the cloud computing ecosystem, it would also be useful to have an easy way to understand (and remember) what each one does, so we have ways to reference and leverage them when needed.

So when you try one of the A-B-See puzzles on your own, or watch our guests try to figure it out, just know that it might help you as a visual aid to remember what that term is (or what the service does) in future, when you might have need for that knowledge.

Happy puzzle-solving!

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