Puzzle #001: Service


Welcome to the very first puzzle on #HelloWorld A-B-See! Want to know what this segment is about, and how you play the game? I suggest you do this:

  1. Read the About page
  2. Scan the clue above (or below) and try to solve it yourself!!
  3. Read the “Behind The Clue” section below for additional hints.
  4. Now scroll down for the “Answer” section and resources for a deeper dive!

Behind The Clue

The clue uses a device called the Rebus Puzzle where the pictures show are literally representative of words, that when put together, should somehow convey the answer you are looking for.

So take a look at the puzzle. We know from the icon at the top right, that this is a product or service we are talking about!

  1. It has 2 words (5 letters and 10 letters respectively)
  2. The first word is represented by that logo – hmm looks kinda familiar right?
  3. The second word is represented by two pictures - each forming part of the word.
  4. The first part seems to have something to do with numbers, and charts, and information.
  5. The second part seems to be a wall - I wonder what that wall is made of?

Were you able to figure it out? Scroll below for the answer!

The Clue in 30 seconds!

The Answer is …

If you guessed Azure DataBricks you would be right!

Yes, that was the Azure logo (first word). The numbers and charts were meant to represent “data” and we can see the wall is made of “bricks”. So “Azure DataBricks!”

What is Azure Databricks?

Azure Databricks is a data analytics platform optimized for the Microsoft Azure cloud services platform. Azure Databricks offers two environments for developing data intensive applications: Azure Databricks SQL Analytics and Azure Databricks Workspace. Learn more here

Want to get a deeper understanding of the topic? Explore the Data Engineering with Azure Databricks learning path!

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