About #ABSee


What is AB-See?

A-B-See is an interactive 5-minute content segment that happens every Thursday, on Hello World - a daily tech news/variety show on LearnTV. HelloWorld airs at 1:30pm EST, and has different segments on different days of the week - featuring topics like Azure Tips & Tricks, Certifications All Up, Green Tech and more.

The A-B-See segment airs on Thursdays, and is typically the closing segment for our show. As shown in the image above, it is an interactive game. We invite our show guests to play live, and the online audience can chime in over chat or social media.

How does the game work?

The concept in a nutshell: I sketch a concept or product in under 30 seconds and guests have to guess what I am talking about. The visual clues will usually have hints embedded in them so pay attention to both words and images.

I launched this website on May 7, 2021 - right after we aired the 19th clue of the series on May 6, 2021. My goal with this website is to do three things:

  1. Publish one clue a day (starting with ones we’ve aired) with a link to the episode it aired in.
  2. Explain the clue, giving you additional hints to help you come up with the answer.
  3. Provide the answer in a hidden tab (so you get a fair chance to solve it), with follow-up resources.
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